Things That Have Been Keeping Me Busy, Part 1: Uni work

Okay, I’ve not been on Facebook for a while, but I thought I’d share a few quick notes on Things That Have Been Keeping Me Busy:

Part 1: Assignments. The one pictured is the one I’ve actually had fun building. Assignment got handed in last week, but I’ve been tinkering with it since; partly so I can learn stuff and improve my PHP skills, partly because I’d like to release this sometime. Also because it’s fun (albeit frustrating sometimes) 🙂

The idea of this app: To keep track of dragons bred in Dragonvale, and to see what’s available – but only those you’re actually able to obtain. E.g. if you’re level 2, you won’t be able to view Galaxy Dragons (may not be accurate, but you get the idea). There will be the option to view unavailable dragons if you so choose.

Idea came about because, when just starting this game, I’d get a tad annoyed at finding all these cool dragons, wondering why I couldn’t get any, and then later being like “Oh, I can’t get that yet”.

At the moment that option isn’t there – it’s still early stages. But it feeds into another idea I have – building web apps that people might want to use, and finding some way to monetise them if they’re popular enough. Have ideas for a Sims 2 tracker, which I could probably do for 2 other web assignments, but that’s for later.

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