This is a restructuring of my first Advanced Web assignment for year 3 of my web development degree, using a simplistic MVC framework we built in class in semester 2. The code is overall much better structured than before, with some additional features.

The app’s full name is Yet Another Dragonvale Tracker, simply because there are several out there already. The aim with this is to be more up to date with dragon lists, as well as the ability to add dragons to a park, set the level of that park, and see only the dragons the user is able to acquire at that level.

Shown here is the successful use of date / time checking in PHP to set a limited dragon as available or expired. Login and signup also work, as well as an admin backend powered by Bootstrap.

It has been a few years since I worked on it, so the availability is now out of date. I have also struggled to get it working when not on a local server; when I can find out what’s causing that, there will be a link to a working demo.