Wayfinder app design

This is a prototype for an app we had to design for a UX assignment, although the best designs submitted will form part of a real app.

Because our campus at university is moving, it has been noted that there will be a need for a mobile app to help students find their way around the new campus. The assignment brief, therefore, was to create the designs for this app, gathering requirements from real potential users and producing a full-colour prototype. This is my submission.

Requirements gathered included heavy inspiration from Google Maps, so that was what I went with. Sample maps were used for illustration purposes, as the actual maps for campus are not accessible. A demonstration of the interactive prototype was presented to the users whom I had gathered requirements from, and they were very happy with it.

The tool used for this was Adobe Xd, which allows for the creation of interactive prototypes that allow for linking between artboards. It also allows for live preview on a mobile device, so that was how the demonstration was presented.

Link to this prototype can be found below, with the following caveat:

Webfonts were used for the settings menu to make designing a touch easier, but it does not carry over to other platforms. There will therefore be fonts missing in the settings menu (which is not functional anyway); however, the other options look and work as designed.

NB: This is a prototype, not fully functional code. This module was purely design based.

Link to prototype: https://xd.adobe.com/view/2892dba5-b357-4c0b-6e69-22036fd86548-5ea3/