Sims Tracker

This is an ongoing project that began life as an Advanced Web assignment, and has become a personal project.

This is a website related to The Sims series, with the eventual aim to keep track of Sims within a game, while also allowing the user to keep score during a challenge (pictured), and is my most ambitious project so far. It utilises a combination of jQuery and PHP to offer an increasing range of features for Sims players:

  • Users who aren’t logged in can use randomisers (currently only aspirations) to choose random stats for their sims
  • Logged in users can add neighbourhoods to their account, add households attached to those neighbourhoods, add sims that are part of those households, and keep score of any challenges they play with those households (currently only the Sims 2 Legacy Challenge)

The backend is built using a PHP micro-framework called Fat Free Framework (F3), and MySQL for the database. The front end uses Bootstrap 4, and I have used the fact it needs jQuery to my advantage by using it to code score-keeping, randomisers and other such features.

It is very much a work-in-progress, but even at this stage it is my proudest achievement to date.

You can view this app here: