Game Art

This is the latest assignment given during my second year of Applied Computing FdSc. It is a fictional e-commerce store selling prints of art, and and was finished in June – it has now been transferred to my own server.

The brief for this assignment is below:

You will be required to design a website for the purpose of selling prints of art. You will focus on the core functionality of an e-commerce site: populating a catalogue as an administrator, displaying products to the public, creating a shopping cart, and storing orders in a database. From a technological point you will be using PHP and MYSQLi for these functions.

You will be required to:

  • Use normalization to design a database for higher grades
  • Create a database and suitable tables in MySQLi. Make sure that the data type is the most suitable and efficient.
  • Create an administration side that allows you to add products and new artists to your inventory, so that customers are able to buy them.
  • For higher grades you could create admin rights with different accesses so that one user can only add items and another with higher access can amend and delete
  • If you incorporate the proper error management techniques you will be able to achieve a higher grade.
  • Create scripts that allow an administrator to amend and delete the products or artists.
  • Create an upload script that will upload an image file straight to a folder on the server
  • For customers to be able to purchase products, they’ll need to view them first.
  • In the product catalogue it will display a list of all the available prints.
  • If a particular artist has been selected, only that artist’s work will be shown; otherwise, every print will be listed.
  • Using a variety of other filters will help you to achieve a higher grade.
  • A second script will be used to display additional information for a single print, including the image. On this page customers could include an Add to Cart link, so that the print may be added to the shopping cart.
  • Higher grades will be given if the quantities are automatically updated when an order is submitted
  • Add items to your shopping cart including multiples of an item
  • View and update the shopping cart
  • Calculate the running total of all the items
  • Create a page for users to submit their orders and their details
  • Log the user out by killing the session
  • Record the order in the database
  • Use cookies or/and sessions as appropriate
  • Allow a user to self-register with their own choice of user name and password to access a special members only page

Because of my fondness for video games, I decided to focus on the theme of video game art, using illustrations “for sale” from the website “Fine Art America”.

With the focus on grading being PHP and MySQLi, rather than HTML5 and CSS3 as for last year, I took the opportunity to explore the Bootstrap framework to aid the design of this site. The tutor gave us permission to use it “only if we already feel confident” as it was not included in the teaching; my use of Bootstrap in this site is the result of self-teaching. The more I explore its options, the more I love working with it.

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