This was an assignment given during a BTEC level 3 diploma in IT, and focused on the use of Dreamweaver to produce the fictional website FitnessUK.

This assignment had a specific brief:


A new sports club, FitnessUK, is opening in Leeds. The company has put a lot of effort into the branding and internal look of the building. The only thing they have not arranged is the website, you have been chosen to create a functional two-way interactive website, that meets the standard they have set out with the new professional look. You will also need to include extra text within the website to make this achievable.

FitnessUK have the following requirements:

The website must include at least four different web pages including Prices, News and Contact Us (include an interactive google map by embedding appropriate HTML code)

The necessary text and pictures were included as part of the assignment, but the logo was left for us to design as we saw fit. I decided to make something quick using WordArt and focus on the website, since the latter was where the marks were allocated.

I researched colour meanings and arrived at orange for the background, since orange is associated with energy. I added silhouetted figures forming a rough shape of the starting letter of the page heading (e.g bending over into a ‘n’ shape for news). I chose a menu script offered free on a website to replace the “Spry” menu, as the former looked more appealing, and did my editing of colours in the code rather than design view.

Part of this task involved being asked for changes to the website as necessary; however, in my case, the “client” was happy with what I had created. This was reflected in a Distinction grade.

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