My bass guitar - picked up on ebay for £30 - and practice drumsticks
My bass guitar – picked up on ebay for £30 – and practice drumsticks

I’ve always been fond of music. It started off as singing to ABBA tapes during senior school, then my developing voice got me a place at an Access to Music centre on a Contemporary Popular Music course. During that first year, I not only further improved my singing, but also learnt drums and started to learn bass guitar (both pictured). I got interested in the computer sequencers that could be used to compose music, so I took a Creating Music Through Technology course – I completed intermediate level, but circumstances prevented me finishing the advanced.

Despite this, I grew interested in making video game music; I composed a few such pieces during college, and moved to Leeds to study a Game Design degree. That course didn’t work out, and music generally fell by the wayside as I struggled to find something I was both good at, and would earn me a a steady income.

These days, despite my best intentions, it is not something I take up regularly. I do manage to keep up the drum practice through tapping along to my favourite tunes – which is usually remixed video game music, because I’m that much of a nerd 🙂 I would like to pick it up again when I have more time, especially alongside the game design, as I’d like to be able to write my own soundtracks to my games. I’m also impeded by space factor – there’s just no room at my current flat for a drum kit.

Hand drumming, on the other hand, I may be able to make more use of in the right Empire character, but that’s not for a while.


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