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All masked up for the League's Masquerade of the Reaper at Empire's ninth event
All masked up for the League’s Masquerade of the Reaper at Empire’s ninth event

This has got to be one of the most important, potentially life-changing hobbies I have ever taken up, even if it’s been a shaky ride so far.

My ex-partner had been playing on and off for several years. I’d heard of it, but not given it much thought until said ex introduced me to Empire, a game run by a small company called Profound Decisions. They’d been asking a friend about it, and explained to me that, while most live games was mainly battle-orientated, this one wasn’t so much. That alone was a good selling point for someone who’d never held a sword in their life.

I agreed to join them at Empire’s second year, which was held last Easter. Because I’ve never played a live game before, I had no idea what to expect, and have made enough newbie-related mistakes during my first year. Overall however, it has improved my confidence and social skills where other pursuits have failed. It has also led to a waterfall effect of getting me interested in other things I wouldn’t necessarily have considered before. Above all, it provides a holiday four times a year, where I can escape from reality and its depressing state of affairs, and step into a world where gender doesn’t matter, you’re not judged out of character, and most important, provides a good excuse to dress up.

Admittedly I am going through a rocky period with my current character, but as I get more used to the way this game works and the outlet possibilities, I can only continue to blossom generally.


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Photo by Oliver Facey


From the Empire – A LRP Documentary

This documentary was made by Lina Halim for a graduate project, and sums up this hobby pretty well:

Shared under the Creative Commons Licence


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