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Rehearsing for Empire's next Masquerade of the Reaper
Rehearsing for Empire’s next Masquerade of the Reaper

LRP wasn’t actually the main reason I got interested in making my own chocolate – instead it was wanting to be sure of the ingredients and that I’d be enjoying a healthier treat. White chocolate obviously isn’t that healthy, and since becoming a student again, the whole idea has sadly gone out of the window. However, I maintain that there’s nothing quite as satisfying as enjoying a tasty treat you made yourself – and the creating is part of the fun.

The pictured chocolates are for an idea I had since getting the hang of making chocolate. There is an in-game festival called Masquerade of the Reaper, which remembers the dead from the previous year – and with sometimes tough battles, there are a lot – with a character dressed as the Reaper roaming the plaza. Since the general theme is skulls and skeletons, I found these skull moulds on eBay and decided to have a play. Hopefully I will be ready with a winner come the event – even if there’s already an established chocolatier at the festival.


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