Bag experiments and website problems

Whew, it’s been a while since I was last on here. There is a simple reason for that: there’s been nothing much to report (although as you can see, I have been experimenting with bag patterns πŸ™‚ )

Basically, although I’d been selling the odd pair of gloves, I’m not officially open for business yet. This gets a bit complicated, so bear with me:
There’s a state-funded initiative called New Enterprise Allowance, which provides help with setting up, plus a bit of extra cash once trading starts. In order for me to be officially up and running, I needed to get a business plan approved, which only happened a few days ago.
On top of that, I’m seriously considering re-doing my website. I’m currently using WordPress, but it’s soo sllooowww… -_- I had tried to use WooCommerce with it, but the amount of extra plugins I need to do everything I need the site to do is getting ridiculous (and is probably why it’s running like treacle). So for now, I’m glad I at least have my Etsy store going. Feel free to browse the site as-is, but you have been warned ;P
Will make a proper launching announcement in about a week after everything’s finalised, but it won’t be long now until I can actually get down to business πŸ˜€

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