I sell items that are made by hand to suit any occasion. Currently this only includes gloves, but I am exploring other patterns, with a particular interest in sensory aids for people with SPD.

I offer Pride colours as an LGBT+ person, and sensory aids as a dyspraxic person. Also hopefully some inspiration for others – if I can make sellable items after self-teaching crochet only a couple of months ago, there’s hope for others 🙂

So, why the name? Three reasons:

  1. Phoenix: this is my last name.
  2. Dragon: happened while looking for domain names. “Everyone’s using ‘phoenix’, what can I do? Oh wait, I like dragons…”
  3. Arcade: as in the little row of shops on the High Street. While working out a plan for my website, I realised I could potentially offer a range of services. The arcade idea lets me be flexible in my offerings.

I am currently running this business alongside the third year of a web development degree. Once I have more time and knowledge, I will extend this to include web services, and am looking into providing hosting.

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